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There was a key and final update of the network and all wallets.

By December 6, 2019 all payments occurred. At the time of transition, only PoS will work.
Payments for DPoS and IPoS in the old network are stopped and will resume in the new network m 12.12.2019
During this time (namely, during the update and transition to a new network), all charges will occur automatically within 7 days from the start.


RELEASE version 2x wallets for Windwos (core) + Windows (console)

We switched to a new blockchain and released a hybrid version of the fifth generation blockchain. The network is completely restarted with the introduction of advanced and popular technologies.

We are deploying before you a completely new workspace with a new vision of the blockchain for business,
life, development on all the most popular and generally accepted standards and solving absolutely any problems.

ZHCash Cryptocurrency Change Overview (ZHC)

The full name of the project is ZHCASH (from ZeroHour Cash)
Ticker (symbol) - ZHC

The crypto industry does not stand still. Its development is progressing more rapidly, and more and more new products are entering the digital currency market.
Blockchain technologies are developing rapidly, but Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, which have a number of disadvantages associated with a low level of security, remain favorites in the crypto community as well as the lack of prospects for scalability. This is due to a lack of computing power involved in mining systems, as a result of which transactions in crypto networks are very slow, and the fees for operations are constantly growing. In this regard, third-party developers are trying to create projects that combine all the advantages of top cryptocurrencies, without their obvious disadvantages, and one of these was ZHCash, which is now based on the Qtum core network code, modified to use its own consensus with the implementation of all the developments and ideas from the previous version of ZeroHour Cash (based on the Qora core). The main idea of ​​the new cryptosystem is to combine the high level of Bitcoin security and Ethereum functionality on one platform. 

The initial cost of new ZHC coins is 0.0015 USD.

The main goal of the ZHCASH project is the introduction of crypto technologies in real areas of activity, starting from the financial field, and ending with the development of the concept of “Internet of things”.
To cover this functionality, ZHCASH developers have created a very flexible ecosystem in which onchain and offchain contracts will be used simultaneously.
This was done due to the fact that the standard Ethereum system is able to work only with existing information in the blockchain, which cannot be changed,
which severely limits the application of this platform in real business, and ZHCASH has inherited the ability to access all data online.

ZHCash is a child of three cryptocurrencies and is a hybrid platform for developing blockchain applications, as well as an internal currency in the ecosystem.
Using the functionality of Bitcoin and Ethereum will allow ZHCASH to enter the list of the most promising projects,
since here, in addition to a high level of security, developers were able to create smart contracts using Ethereum virtualization.
At the same time, ZHCASH is a secure payment cryptosystem that allows for fast micro-transactions, which also expands the scope of ZHC.


• Transaction Model: UTXO (Unspent Output Transactions) from Bitcoin
• Smart contracts: EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machines) + x86 virtual machine
• Block size: 2 million bytes, scaling using on-chain DGP - up to 32 million bytes
• Average interval between blocks: 2 minutes
• Token protocol in smart contracts: ZRC20 based on ERC20 in Ethereum; and NFT called ZRC721
• Consensus Algorithm: PoS, version 3.0, updated in Blackcoin
• Theoretical maximum TPS: from 70 to 100. Faster using Lightning network and other Layer 2 technologies
• Block reward: 800 ZHC + share of reward from the transaction and gas.
• Genesis block: 8 billion ZHC generated

The basis of ZHCASH is now the UTXO model, which uses extinguishing outputs without transactions, or a set of unused outputs.
To spend an asset, the user will have to provide proof of ownership of the asset.
About the same principle, Bitcoin operates.

Another component of ZHCASH is the virtual machine of self-executing contracts (smart contracts).
As a result, the basis of ZHCASH is a hybrid consensus mechanism - PoS and DPoS.
ZHCASH has masternodes and supernodes.

Each ZHCASH Core wallet is a decentralized full node on the ZeroHour network. Any wallet in staking can publish new blocks.
You can mine from any, even very small amount of ZHC, but to increase the likelihood of receiving a reward for the created block
You will definitely need more coins. In PoS, rewards are given to a random holder, the chances of winning depend on the number of coins
in your wallet in relation to the total number of coins in the network used for staking. The more coins you use for staking,
the more often your wallet will receive a reward for the collected block in the form of 800 ZHC. Staking on a separate computer is best.
which is not used for web surfing and email, or the server, as these actions can become a source of malware.

Staking provides about 7-12% of revenue per year. In order to calculate the average time it takes to create a stake calculator block
https://zeroscan.io/misc/stake-calculator Expected time is the average time to wait for a reward; this is not a countdown. That fact,
that your coins are in different wallets or at different addresses does not reduce your chance of winning.

X86 virtual machine

Intel x86 processor architecture is the dominant processor platform for servers and computers.
The ZeroHour Developers team is developing a virtual machine using the x86 machine language.
A virtual machine is an isolated software execution environment,
which can run on many different hardware platforms (Mac, PC, servers, virtual private servers in the cloud, etc.).
The current ZHCASH virtual machine uses EVM and Solidity.
The Ethereum language is Solidity, it was created for programming smart contracts.
As a new programming language, Solidity has its problems.
Thanks to the x86 virtual machine, a huge number of developers will be able to use familiar programming languages,
such as C, C ++, Rust and Python, for writing your own ZRC contracts - ZHCASH.

Mining and Consensus

The generation of 2 billion coins in the ZHCASH crypto network is carried out according to the Prof-of-Stake algorithm, so to participate in this process it will be enough to have an official crypto wallet,
which must be maintained in an active state, and transfer to it a certain amount of crypto-coins, after which it remains to wait for the closure of 500 crypto-blocks,
and, accordingly, the larger the deposit, the higher the reward to the user. 1 Billion coins will be mined by PoW mining (Sha256, Scrypt, X11).
6 billion coins will be mined through DPoS. The remaining billion is the current turnover of the network including the planned presale, bounty and airdrop programs.
A detailed business model will be provided in the white paper and on the official website.


Protection of funds in customer accounts is provided by a large number of supported software and hardware wallets,
and network security from hacking is guaranteed by using the PoS mining algorithm,
in which transaction confirmation occurs on a variety of computer devices.

Protect your wallet

Make a backup copy of the wallet.dat file (core-wallet). Record and save offline your passwords or seed phrases.
Do not tell anyone your private keys, passwords, or seed phrases. Encrypt your main wallet using best practices.


ZHCASH is a focus on mobile devices, since they are mainly used by a wide range of consumers.
The possibility of using blockchain technologies in existing business systems
many additional programs are available for developers, which allows you to create smart contracts without specialized knowledge
support for various cryptocurrency wallets, as well as full compatibility with Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto networks
the ability to run off-the-shelf decentralized applications created on the Ethereum system.
This is a new way to store DAPPS in the ZHCASH database. All applications will be saved as separate transactions of the ZHCASH blockchain.
Support for ERC20 and ERC721 (ZRC) standards.
One of the main advantages of the ZHCASH project is its own ZRC20 scripting language for executing smart contracts.
As a result, it becomes easy to use them even for customers far from programming.
Improved PoS Consensus. Added MPoS in order to prevent malicious nodes from destroying the network.
At the same time, ZHCASH creates an AAL or account abstraction layer, so the UTXO blockchain supports smart contracts.
ZHCASH innovation is an upgraded technology of Bitcoin and “colored coins” of Bitcoin.
A decentralized control protocol (DGP), which is added to the main block chain, reduces the damage caused by forks and strengthens the decentralized consensus.
In development, the mobile client and the main console ZHCASH, which will become the link between the real business and each of us.

DGP (decentralized management protocol)

DGP uses smart contracts to control and update key blockchain consensus parameters, such as
like block size and gas charge (for executing a smart contract).
DGP allows you to update these parameters without the need for a hard fork.
DGP does not rule out hard forks for important new features and capabilities.

Smart contract technology in the project

Smart contracts in ZHCASH are now a transactional system in which the parties exchange the details of an agreement.
Its execution takes place automatically, regardless of the participation of counterparties.
The basis of a smart contract is internal tokens, or other digital assets - transfer is carried out only when certain conditions occur according to a given algorithm.

ZHCASH combines smart contracts with decentralized applications.
The platform is compatible with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain at the same time.
Originality - in the use of master contracts.
Thanks to them, participants in the parties have the right to conclude or terminate the agreement;

DAPPS - Decentralized Applications in ZHCASH

Traditional applications are stored in the form of a database on a server, or on several servers.
They can even be scattered across several countries of the world, being under different jurisdictions.
However, in any case, any such information is at risk of a hacker attack, or seized by the government.
Moreover, attackers may not steal data, but simply change them inconspicuously, and it will be impossible to trace the changes.

ZHCASH offers the ability to create decentralized super-applications on the blockchain.
Since all data will be simultaneously stored on thousands of different computers around the world,
to make changes to the registry and replace them in some way will be impossible.
All DAPPS work on this principle.

Launch of the project

The launch of the ZHCASH (ZHC) project was made possible thanks to investors (supernode owners) and first users (masternode owners),
who jointly invested more than $ 1 million in a promising startup.

The main goal of the project was to create a unique blockchain technology as an alternative proposal for those who is unhappy with some aspects of Ethereum and Bitcoin or other blockchain networks.

ZHCASH (ZHC) is an open-source digital currency. As already noted, the developers managed to combine the main characteristics of four well-known projects in this project - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qtum and significantly redesigned Qora. ZHCASH borrowed kernel technology and the function of adding abstraction to accounts from Bitcoin. However, the project has its own, original stage of abstraction, which made it possible to achieve the interaction of the Bitcoin core and the Ethereum virtual machine without any obstacles.

Support for the functioning of ZHCASH (ZHC) is carried out using the Proof of stake protocol, which ensures the security and effectiveness of the platform.

So, we outline the key features of ZHCASH (ZHC):

Bitcoin core technology
machine from Ethereum;
Pow (Sha256, Scrypt, X11) and DPoS ZH (Qora)
Reliable Proof of stake protocol
the presence of mobile applications with which you can manage the currency;
blockchain with the option of self-regulation;
a network designed to do business.

ZRC20 Tokens

ZRC20 tokens are obtained from the Ethereum ERC20 token protocol.
ZRC20 tokens are created by smart contracts in ZHCASH as a digital asset for use in decentralized applications.
Transactions with ZRC20 tokens are carried out using contract calls and require ZHC to pay for gas.
Ready-made smart contract templates to easily create ZRC20 tokens by simply filling out the form and publishing a specific contract.
See the ZRC20 token documentation for details.

The policy of adding crypto assets to the platform and holding crowdfunding campaigns

The policy is completely free and all responsibility for using the tool lies with the user,
because the tool is open source and partly an open open source technology,
Only official eco-system projects may be an exception.

On the platform, you can add (integrate) any crypto asset based on ZH.
To add an existing asset, it is necessary to send a request and, if approved, pay a fee of 500 000 ZH.
Technical integration of an asset based on ZeroHour takes from 1 to 7 days.
It is also possible to add any other crypto assets to the platform (cryptocurrencies and tokens, including ERC20).

Supported cryptocurrencies, tokens and crypto assets. Bticoin, Litecoin, DASH, ZCASH, Bitcoin Cash, Briacoin,
ZeroHour Cash, ZeroHour Lite, ZBST, ZUSDT (in the process of integration),
ZBC (in the process of integration), ETH (in the process of integration).

In the Investments (ICO) section of https://zh.exchange/incubators you can see the current list of crypto assets,
crowdfunding campaigns, ico, ieo, hco, sto and other campaigns, as well as statistics on them.

In the "Exchanges" section https://zh.exchange/exchanges you can exchange the cryptocurrencies presented on the platform
and crypto assets in any direction or the purchase of crypto assets (tokens) held
crowdfunding, ico, ieo and sto campaigns for any of the cryptocurrencies presented on the site.

Plans. In the process of programming, an affiliate program with payment in ZH cash.
Connection of bank gateways, payment systems, payment by bank cards.
The release of the platform’s mobile application for Android and iOS. https://bria.news/ru/details/149

How to exchange old ZH and digital assets for new ZHC:

The exchange will be made through several points (first you need to download and install a new wallet):

1) Through the CRM system ZHCASH. It is necessary to send old coins to the specified address, copy the transactions in the TX (hash, signature) form field,
indicate the address of the new ZHC wallet and send a request. Coins will be exchanged within 24 hours.
2) Use the affiliate exchange point https://briastorm.exchange


Official site ZHCASH (ZHC) https://zh.cash
Official (new) block explorer https://zeroscan.io
Node monitoring (master and supernode) https://zhcash.network

Exchange of old coins for new ones through the CRM system https://app.zhcash.network/forms/wtl/f3f342a599aec230b47ba7dc9a50a063