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Glad to present (alpha release) final product


Features of the console (single cabinet)

0. A single unit of measure for consensus development is ENERGY = the strength of your voice for validation in the ZHCASH network.
1. Multi zychnost. English and Russian languages. Others are under development.
2. CONSOLE - the main page - a single control panel.
3. Extended statistics. ENERGY replenishment history, ENERGY balance, changes in levels and statuses, distribution of ENERGY, notifications of all actions and charges from the whole system.
4. Wallets. The system generates the wallet for the client. In the future, add more functionality and the ability to create multiple wallets. Top-up at ZHC and Payout at ZHC.
All translations work in real time and automatic. There are two balances in the wallet. 1) ZHC 2) ENERGY
5. Exchange. Buying and selling ENERGY. Exchange calculator.
6. Transactions. History. Monitoring View in block explorer. Work with transactions.
7. Delegates. Investments. Section for delegating ENERGY supernodes. Real-time monitoring.
8. OFFLINE PoS 18% per annum or 1.5% per month. An online wallet is not needed, the system takes the right to vote and freezes your steak,
The system uses voices for validation, thus the network works quickly, transactions go instantly, and offline PoS participants receive a reward for this.
The minimum amount of investment in offline PoS is 500,000 ZHC. The invested amount is frozen in your wallet. You cannot allow your wallet balance below the amount of offline PoS.
If you exceed the threshold of your steak in the freeze and spend it in the negative - you will stop receiving accruals and the deal will close. In other words, the system redeems energy from your coins.
9. PoW Mining has now moved to a single console. The system itself issues the name and password of the worker for your miner.
Everything works automatically. Over time, we will expand statistics. There will be many console updates.
Please configure your miners to work at the following URLs, which the system will issue to you in your personal account.
Start mining, wait 15-60 minutes to see your reward statistics!
Hundreds of hashes for February 20202. SHA256 = 1.4 ENERGY, Scrypt = 2.3 ENERGY, X11 = 1.0 ENERGY
Rewards are recounted every day! Detailed reward statistics are available in your account for each decision.
Payment for mining is now happening in ENERGY! Which you can exchange for ZHC or delegate supernode.
All operations in the console occur automatically. We expand the functionality and make our product more convenient every day!
10. A separate VIP section for supernode owners and their management. Additional utilities for working with node servers in the VIP account will be available soon.
All owners of supernodes must register in the console and associate your supernodes with your account in the console.
Charges to supernodes will begin to arrive only after passing this procedure. Compensation will be paid only on 02/14/2020 !!!

To help connect the console cabinet to your supernode, please go down the ticket in the support service, in which fill in the full details of your supernode https://app.zhcash.network/forms/ticket?col=col-md-5

Be careful please!

We recommend that all members of the community register in the console! From today it is the main center of ZHCASH!

The masternode program is completely closed. Only supernodes and PoS nodes remain. Separate news will be received on the masternode and recount will take place.
You can delegate ZHC to supernodes or offline PoS.

Have a nice work friends!