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The company in the NEW YEAR holds an ICO in the period from 02/01/2020 to 05/31/2020

Dear participants of the ZHCASH project !!!

We open a new section of news - plans of the company for the coming months !!!

At the beginning of each month, we will share with the company's plans for the month, and at the end of the month to take stock.

Let's start this section with SUPER NEWS !!!

The company in the NEW YEAR holds an ICO in the period from 02/01/2020 to 05/31/2020

The main goal of the ICO is to raise funds to finance further development and promotion of the platform, to become one of the market leaders in the creation of decentralized applications based on smart contracts, as well as in the creation and tokenization of digital assets for businesses and attract millions of users around the world .
Cryptocurrency Name ZHCASH
Ticker symbol ZHС
Total coins: 10 billion

The maximum number of coins distributed through the ICO is 700 million.
Additional issue - Impossible!

ICO fundraising:
Soft Cap - Not Installed
Hard Cap - $ 1,650 million

Payment methods in ICO

ICO will be held in two stages:

Stage One - Private Sale

Closed round for private investors. A limited number of people can take part in it, including private investors and investment pools.

At this stage, 300 million coins will be sold, of which the first 20 supernode will be formed.
The minimum investment amount will be 100 USD.
The maximum amount of cryptocurrency purchases is not set.

Dates - from February 01, 2020. February 29, 2020
The second stage is a public ICO.

A public ICO of the ZHCASH network will be held for the initial distribution of coins between future network participants, in accordance with their possible roles:

Validators buy coins to create supernode and a higher place in the ranking.
Delegates buy coins to further transfer their coins to the Validators and receive rewards.
Creators buy coins to create further crypto assets of their own or to conduct crowdfunding campaigns.

Ordinary users (User) will be able to participate in the early access campaign without a minimum investment threshold, as well as through the Bounty and AirDrop programs.

At this stage, 400 million coins will be sold.

The minimum investment amount will be 50 USD.
The maximum amount of cryptocurrency purchases is not set.

Dates - from March 01, 2020 to May 31, 2020.

The final date for the end of the distribution of ZHC coins is April 30, 2020.

If the Hard Cap is reached before the deadline, the placement will end automatically.

Coin distribution

The number of ZHCASH coins is 10 billion. and they get to the network as follows:

Primay network will be 80% of the issue:

6% - 600 million coins will get into the network - through the extraction of coins in masternodes (with the help of them we launched the network), it will be sold to early investors at a price of 0.001USD for 1ZHC, an exchange will be made to BST holders.
3% - 300 million. ZHC will be sold on Private Sale - from 02/01/2020 to 02/29/2020
4% - 400 million. ZHC will be sold at a public ICO - from 01.03.2020 to 05.31.2020
1% - 100 million ZHC will be distributed under the Bounty program during 2020
1% - 100 million ZHC will be distributed under the Airdrop program during 2020
5% - 500 million. ZHC - team reward
10% - 1,000,000,000 ZHC - will be distributed through PoW mining
50% - 5,000,000,000 ZHC - will be distributed through DPoS mining

20% of the ZHCASH emission will be mined by network participants (miners) through the PoS algorithm:
2,000,000,000 ZH will be mined online through PoS (Proof of Stake) - supernode and wallets can participate in the mining - which are constantly online. Return on PoS = 10% per year - the reward for one block is 800 ZHC, PoS is designed for 7-9 years.

ZHCASH coin value

until 12/15/19 - the value of the ZHC coin is 0.001usd

from 12/15/19 to 01/31/20 - the value of the coin ZHC = 0,0015usd (coins can be purchased in the exchanger https://briastorm.exchange/)

At the first stage of the ICO (Private Sale) from 02/01/2019. until 02.29.2019 the cost of coins will be fixed and amount to 0.002 USD per 1ZHC, which is a 50% discount on the base value of the coin.
Upon completion of this stage there will be no additional opportunities for receiving discounts.

At the second stage (public ICO) from 03/01/2020 to 05/31/2020. the value of the ZHС coin is 0.004 USD for 1ZHС.

 from 01.06.20 0 the value of a coin is determined by DAO (validators) by voting.

In the future, demand for platform services will create demand for ZHCASH coins, given that the number of tokens is limited in circulation, this will lead to a smooth market increase in the price of cryptocurrency.

With the development of the project and the strengthening of the network, we plan to achieve the price of 1ZH = 0.05 USD, after which the possibility of accessing external exchanges will be considered.